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Vocal Coaching

Vocal coachings are offered to all those who wish to develop their vocal and musical skills. The coachings are totally personalized according to the level and the interests of the student. Several elements can be addressed, including vocal technique, Estill Voice Training figures and qualities, interpretation, breath management, phrasing and diction, ease on stage and self-esteem, improvisation, the development of ear (theory, music theory and dictation) and more. All this in a stimulating and non-judgmental environment. All musical styles are welcome! From the first lesson, we will identify your challenges and objectives, as well as the problems you encounter when you sing, so that you can benefit from effective tools adapted to your needs.

Kathryn holds an  Estill Master Trainer certification of Estill Voice TrainingShe is passionate about teaching voice with no aesthetic bias.


Some clients

Les 7 doigts de la main
Les Louanges
David Marchand (Zouz)
Eli Rose
Luis Clavis
Le Couleur
Joseph Marchand
Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal
Anne-Marie Withenshaw

Radiant Baby
Sabrina Cournoyer
Pierre-Luc Lafontaine
Blanche Baillargeon

“Estill Voice Training concentrates on Craft as the foundation for every vocal task. The voice you use to sing is the same voice that chats with friends and shouts for joy. When you master the basic movements of healthy vocal function, you unlock endless possibilities for Artistry and opportunities for Performance Magic!”

- Estill Voice International


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