Whether you've seen her on stage in different jazz venues of the city or as the lead singer and principal character Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam, vocalist Kathryn Samman is no newcomer to Montreal's music scene. 

With her longtime friend and collaborator François Jalbert, she formed the indie-folk band Little Misty. Having surrounded themselves with their best friends and musicians in town, Little Misty tries to blur the lines of folk, bluegrass and progressive rock. Their songs tackle different subjects such as motherhood, travel, dreams or mental illness, always in a "short" approach. Each song is dedicated to bringing the listener into a unique little universe. Their eponymous debut album was released in February 2020, and was very well received by critics, both in Quebec and internationally. littlemistyband.com


Kathryn holds a Graduate degree in Jazz and Popular Vocal Performance from Laval University as well as a Bachelors degree in Jazz Vocal Performance from The University of Montreal. She is currently pursuing a P.h.D. in music education, specializing in non classical vocal pedagogy, and is studying to become a master trainer of the Estill Voice Model. estillvoice.com


Voice Teacher

As a voice teacher, she has taught voice at Cégep de Trois-Rivières, Cégep Vincent d'Indy and is now a Popular Voice teacher at Vanier College. 

Kathryn Samman Jazz Band

She leads the Kathryn Samman Jazz Band (www.katsammanjazzband.com), which performs regularly in the city’s different jazz clubs, as well as in private and corporate events. 

Other projects

She is also the singer for the project Charbonneau où les valeurs à' bonne place, which was featured on the Radio-Canada show Infoman last spring. lesvaleursabonneplace.ca