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Voice Lessons

Kathryns' mission is to give the power back to the singer/speaker to control their vocal mechanism and apply it to any artistry of their choosing. She seperates craft, artistry and performance skills to give you ability to zone in and tell your story through song or speech in a healthful manner. She wants the student to create their own artistry based on their skills of technique, musicality choices and narrative.  

Kathryn holds an Estill Figure Proficiency certification of Estill Voice Training, and is on the brink of becoming an Estill Master Trainer. She is passionate about teaching voice with no aesthetic bias. She is ‘process’ focused so the student can achieve the goal time and time again. This leads to the singer/speaker having the skills to choose and achieve the artistry, musicality, groove they can imagine themselves to have.


“Estill Voice Training concentrates on Craft as the foundation for every vocal task. The voice you use to sing is the same voice that chats with friends and shouts for joy. When you master the basic movements of healthy vocal function, you unlock endless possibilities for Artistry and opportunities for Performance Magic!”

- Estill Voice International


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